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But she still won’t approve my friend request on Facebook.  What’s up with that?

From: David Matt Green
Subject: Hello from an old ProLine guy!

Morgan, it’s great to see you are still around the net! Many good
things have happened to me because of your ProLine BBS software! I ran from 1991-96, and because of it I came into contact
with a number of people I still consider amongst my friends, even
though I’ve still never met most of them anywhere but online! Before
ProLine I was an AOL user longing to be on the real Internet, as AOL
wasn’t yet connected to the net way back then. Your ProLine system got
me onto the Internet and helped me provide a number of my friends with
their very first Internet e-mail addresses! You helped bring the
Internet to the masses! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

David Matt Green
webmaster of


From: Kirk Mitchell

From: Kirk Mitchell
Subject: A2Central Chat invitation

Mr. Davis I’ve been a fan of yours since the ’80’s when I spent large
amounts of money calling Proline BBS’s long distance. Now, I’m a
teacher in Kansas, but I double as the Real Time Conference Manager at, a forum that focuses on the Apple II. I’d
like to invite you to be our guest at a Real Time Chat at an evening
at your convenience. We enjoy meeting Apple II celebrities
anytime. One of Syndicomm’s proudest moments was to get Steve Wozniak
to be our Keynote speaker at KFest. B-{) Please let me know if you
have any interest in this matter, and I’d be happy to arrange an
account for you. BTW, I enjoy your website! Thanks, Kirk

From: Morgan Davis
Subject: Just wanted to say hi

Hi Morgan. My name is also Morgan Davis and strangely I am a software
developer as well.. Quite a lot of people have contacted me saying
something like, “Are you ‘the’ old-school Morgan Davis I used to work
with with the Apple IIes?” I just though it’d be interesting to say hi
to someone I’ve heard so much about. Yesterday a Harry Zink contacted
me with AIM with a similar question and we ended up having a long
discussion about the subject, and Dan Gookin, who, strangely, I know
as well. It certainly looks like you’ve made a place for yourself in
the world as I hope I one day do, too. I am 17 years old and share
your same interests (computers, business…) Maybe you’d like to check
out my business web site? Actually I am becoming quite
well-known in the Mac community – most people have heard of my “System
Optimizer X” and various products of mine have been featured in
numerous publications… Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Best to you
and your work.


From: Matthew Montano
Subject: Long time – great legend

Hi Morgan,

I personally ran one of your pro-line sites in Toronto and few folks
got very ‘into’ the shell environment, and then subsequently ‘swapped’
it for SCO UNIX and Bill’s pnet software. I continued to let few souls
into the underlying UNIX OS for several years. One soul used ‘generic’
heavily and then started one of Toronto’s first ISPs. I understand
that he manage to convince the NSF to provide one of the first
non-corporate/education links into the Internet in 1993, and then went
on to work behind the scenes on mysql.

Another soul, hung around for a while in 1990, and got inspired while
he was at Waterloo University and went on to write PHP, and several
books. Another (who worked with Micol systems) bought the generic
hardware from me in 1994 and moved it to Moscow. It actually operated
as one of Russia’s first publicly accessible ‘Internet’ sites.
Terralink ( is now fairly large consulting firm and
started and ran some of it’s early days on the same box.

I went on to build one of the earliest corporate use of
web-technology, “CycleConnect” ( in
1995 that was re-written once into Apple/NeXT WebObjects and still
runs to this day. Then, reliving my integration/business process
learnings from your work, I went on to several years of SAP R/3 EDI
Integration, rebuilding the EDI front-ends for Scott Paper, Whirlpool
Corp and some major work Georgia-Pacific. See what you started? So,
I’m just dropping a note to say hi during a summer hiatus before I
move on to new things.


From: Sean Hugelmaier
Subject: Kudos to CTSnet


I thought you might enjoy this. On Thursday this past week I wore my
CTSnet polo (old cts logo) to the office. By the end of the day I had
been stopped by at least 13 people at SPAWAR all who were previous CTS

I think each person detained me from 5 – 45 minutes (shell users of
course =) and we talked about CTS and how they had felt about the
company. It was very refreshing to hear all of them say how much they
enjoyed being CTS customers, how they had really felt like CTS was a
local SD company that cared about SD, and how they missed the CTS they
were so fond of.

I even had about 3 of them ask “So, you know Morgan and Bill?” I
think I knocked their socks off with my personal stories of CTS and
the long hours we all put in making it a success.

I just wanted to pass this on since I think it is very important that
everyone involved in CTS knows they are not forgotten and that the
users out there really seem to miss the company. I know I am very
proud to have worked at CTS and I really feel the opportunites opening
up for me now are a direct result of the work and education I received
there. Thanks!


[ A Marine who served in the first Gulf War, Sean started out at CTSnet as a technical support representative and steadily was promoted into supervisory roles due to his outstanding leadership. While we were under the regime, Sean left as manager of data center operations. — Morgan ]



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