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The Jerome’s Furniture website is of my favorite projects, because it has everything in it. Custom CMS, multi-lingual, automated integration with Jerome’s back-end inventory systems, streaming video, e-commerce via payment gateway integration, anti-fraud protection, product image zoom tool, social media integration, highly search-engine optimized (SEO-friendly), blog, automatic XML sitemap generation, store location finder integrated with Google Maps, Google Analytics, heatmap metrics, etc.  Basically, the works. The recent makeover is showcased in an HTML5 site using CSS3 effects in modern browsers (with fallback support in less-capable browsers). The performance is further enhanced with a custom server-side page caching mechanism.

Bigger, bolder, more colorful. HTML5 and CSS3 beauty. Custom web fonts. Visual effects. Server-side caching and JavaScript optimization for greater performance. This makeover for Sperry West, a leader in video surveillance, took their previous state-of-the-art web site (half a decade ago when browsers were weaker, screens were smaller, and the iPad was only a vision in the mind of Steve Jobs) and brought it up to current standards.



Plus, since it gracefully employees newer effects in modern browsers in a way that works with older browsers, the site will only continue to look better as visitors upgrade to better browsers (notably, anything other than Internet Explorer).

I love working with clients who trust you to run with your ideas and create. The results are always better.

HTML email newsletters for the hit 80’s band, Berlin, and Terri Nunn. She takes my breath away.

This programmer’s face is expressing:

  1. Euphoria
  2. Insanity
  3. Maniacal frustration
  4. All the above

A Look Back at the World Wide Web

This is a partial screenshot of one of the first web pages I ever created for CTSnet, a San Diego-based Internet service provider. It was scanned from a page published in Success Magazine in 1994.

This wasn’t my first web page, though. I started learning HTML in 1993 for a browser called Lynx, then cutting edge web technology. It was text-only. You navigated by keyboard. That same year, the NCSA Mosaic browser came out sporting images, colors, and mouse navigation. The Mosaic browser is considered to be the precursor to the Internet boom.

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The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the browser was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find what was requested. Servers typically choke on these requests and spit out a boring default error message. We can do better than that.

Update: 2011-04-20 (go figure) ~ Just discovered that the dudes at Github did this same idea. So much for being clever…


Fun Themes

New feature! I’ve added themes to my blog featuring my photos and illustrations. Have fun and switch it up!


RollerMouse Free2

Custom landing page for RollerMouse Free2. Makes use of CSS3 effects in lower-half boxes and buttons to render what used to require graphics.



Potentia Therapy web site. Custom CMS, WordPress blog, integrated e-commerce via PayPal.



Custom gift card / concert poster for my son’s birthday. I bought him a pair of tickets and he could take anyone — his girlfriend or one of his best buds — but he wants to go with his dad (which I was secretly hoping for). How cool is that?