Morgan Davis


A Look Back at the World Wide Web

This is a partial screenshot of one of the first web pages I ever created for CTSnet, a San Diego-based Internet service provider. It was scanned from a page published in Success Magazine in 1994.

This wasn’t my first web page, though. I started learning HTML in 1993 for a browser called Lynx, then cutting edge web technology. It was text-only. You navigated by keyboard. That same year, the NCSA Mosaic browser came out sporting images, colors, and mouse navigation. The Mosaic browser is considered to be the precursor to the Internet boom.

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Sparks of a commercial Internet were igniting a new revolution. With Bill Blue, a respected BBS and Apple II pioneer in his own right, we collaborated to build an Internet company, CTSnet, a division of Datel Systems. It was an immediate success and enjoyed boundless growth providing high-quality, technically astute service unmatched in our market. Seven years later, CTSnet was sold for $33 million to Dallas-based Allegiance Telecom. At its peak, CTSnet had a state-of-the-art data center and 100 employees supporting over 30,000 customers throughout Southern California.


Morgan and telco racks in the CTSnet IDC

Telco racks in the CTSnet IDC circa 1998

CTSnet was eventually assimilated into Allegiance Telecom’s brand. I stayed onboard for three more years until Allegiance went bankrupt.  Then it was time to polish off the résumé again.

In addition to participating in the Internet’s maturation, the last ten years let me experience the entire lifecycle of a unique company — from frenetic startup to acquisition and integration by a national telecom. What a ride.

résumé 2.0 — allegiance to a vision

DATE January 2003
OBJECTIVE To partner with like-minded entrepreneurs to create sustainable
Internet products, innovating new technologies, and capitalizing
on those with unrealized potential.
QUALIFICATIONS Proven ability to build and lead a $33 million company10+ years experience developing Internet services

Senior-level leadership, disciplined in all facets of business operations

Able to effectively manage a team of managers
Highly productive as an independent contributor

Highly-skilled in software development and system administration

Accomplished web designer, programmer, and webmaster

Strong written, presentation, and marketing communications skills

2003 – Present DTL NetworxOwner, custom web design and application development services
2000 – 2003 Allegiance Telecom, Inc.
Senior Director, Operations, Division
1994 – 2000 CTSnet, Inc.(a division of Datel Systems, Inc.)Director, Operations and General Manager
1993 – 1994 Datel Systems, Inc.Consultant, establishing Wide Area Networking division
1987 – 1993 Morgan Davis Group
Owner, commercial software developer and consultancy
Note: For prior employment history see résumé 1.0
1982 – 1986 Computer Science, Data Communications and Business StudiesSan Diego State University

Grossmont College

Cuyamaca College

1979 – 1982 Lutheran High School, San Diego
Created ProLine, linking Apple computers to the Internet in mid-1980sAuthor, Who’s Afraid of Perl?

Technical Editor, Web Site Stats: Tracking Hits and Analyzing Traffic
Co-author, Internet Science, Research, and Technology Yellow Pages

Author, Advanced Programming Techniques for the Apple IIGS Toolbox

Co-author, Mastering the Apple IIGS Toolbox

Published and interviewed in several trade magazines and newspapers

Guest speaker and presenter at several professional Internet seminars

Interviewed on NBC Nightly News, and local TV and radio stations

Created HomePort San Diego, the city’s first online guide

Created San Diego Homeschooling with my wife and children