Morgan Davis


From: Matthew Montano
Subject: Long time – great legend

Hi Morgan,

I personally ran one of your pro-line sites in Toronto and few folks
got very ‘into’ the shell environment, and then subsequently ‘swapped’
it for SCO UNIX and Bill’s pnet software. I continued to let few souls
into the underlying UNIX OS for several years. One soul used ‘generic’
heavily and then started one of Toronto’s first ISPs. I understand
that he manage to convince the NSF to provide one of the first
non-corporate/education links into the Internet in 1993, and then went
on to work behind the scenes on mysql.

Another soul, hung around for a while in 1990, and got inspired while
he was at Waterloo University and went on to write PHP, and several
books. Another (who worked with Micol systems) bought the generic
hardware from me in 1994 and moved it to Moscow. It actually operated
as one of Russia’s first publicly accessible ‘Internet’ sites.
Terralink ( is now fairly large consulting firm and
started and ran some of it’s early days on the same box.

I went on to build one of the earliest corporate use of
web-technology, “CycleConnect” ( in
1995 that was re-written once into Apple/NeXT WebObjects and still
runs to this day. Then, reliving my integration/business process
learnings from your work, I went on to several years of SAP R/3 EDI
Integration, rebuilding the EDI front-ends for Scott Paper, Whirlpool
Corp and some major work Georgia-Pacific. See what you started? So,
I’m just dropping a note to say hi during a summer hiatus before I
move on to new things.


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