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Mt. Woodson summit, Poway, CA. See hiking activity details via RunKeeper.

The sports facility where I play just put up some cool poster boards with statistics on the fitness benefits of racquetball. For many years now, I’ve played twice a week for two hours and get in at least five games. Taking into account I weigh 175, now let’s do the math…

Morgan serving up a mean game

Calories burned in 30 minutes for a 160 lb. male:

Racquetball 382
Running (10 miles) 360
Swimming (fast freestyle) 349
Tennis 288
Weight Training 288
Bicycling 288
Aerobics (vigorous) 256

Fitness Facts


Not convinced? Watch this!

And, like golf, you can play forever.  Check out local player, Burdette Hansen, at 80 beating someone half his age.

He’s totally sticking it to the youngster (probably in his 30s). Love it! The lesson for all Rball players is to stay healthy and strong enough to just get into the court at that age. The skill is treacherous and ageless, as Mr. Hansen clearly illustrates. What a great example for everyone. Now that’s inspiration!

Saw these off Coronado while kayaking into San Diego Bay. It’s a rare dark purple jelly fish called the black sea nettle (Chrysaora Achlyos).  This species can grow up to 3 feet across with 30-foot-long, stinging tentacles.

The Black Sea Nettle (Chrysaora achlyos)

I was hiking a new trail up to Cowles Mountain today. I’ve been taking the main trail for a few weeks and decided to explore a different route. When I got to the summit, I just happened to notice that an airplane was sky-writing a heart shape over Lake Murray.  It was there one minute, and gone the next.  Just like love, fickle and fleeting, in which timing is everything. I hope for whomever arranged this special message for an equally special love, it lasts a good while longer.