Morgan Davis


XHTML and Printers

XHTML is really nice. Going forward, I’m doing all my new stuff with it and updating all my old stuff as time permits.

After getting fed up with network printing problems with HP printers, I wrote down the solution so I wouldn’t forget.

I’m honored to receive an invitation to be a guest celebrity for a Real Time Chat at A2Central, a cool hangout for Apple II fans past and present. Date: March 27 at 7PM PST. To get access, you need to subscribe.

More letters!

Large amounts of my work are “under the hood” and rarely seen. That’s why I enjoy working on projects that have great graphics, like the web site I produced for Scott Rasmussen. We teamed up to launch Ras Graphics. It’s clean, simple, and efficient, as all web site’s should be. Read more about it in my DTL March Update.

From: David Matt Green
Subject: Hello from an old ProLine guy!

Morgan, it’s great to see you are still around the net! Many good
things have happened to me because of your ProLine BBS software! I ran from 1991-96, and because of it I came into contact
with a number of people I still consider amongst my friends, even
though I’ve still never met most of them anywhere but online! Before
ProLine I was an AOL user longing to be on the real Internet, as AOL
wasn’t yet connected to the net way back then. Your ProLine system got
me onto the Internet and helped me provide a number of my friends with
their very first Internet e-mail addresses! You helped bring the
Internet to the masses! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

David Matt Green
webmaster of