Morgan Davis


From: Morgan Davis
Subject: Just wanted to say hi

Hi Morgan. My name is also Morgan Davis and strangely I am a software
developer as well.. Quite a lot of people have contacted me saying
something like, “Are you ‘the’ old-school Morgan Davis I used to work
with with the Apple IIes?” I just though it’d be interesting to say hi
to someone I’ve heard so much about. Yesterday a Harry Zink contacted
me with AIM with a similar question and we ended up having a long
discussion about the subject, and Dan Gookin, who, strangely, I know
as well. It certainly looks like you’ve made a place for yourself in
the world as I hope I one day do, too. I am 17 years old and share
your same interests (computers, business…) Maybe you’d like to check
out my business web site? Actually I am becoming quite
well-known in the Mac community – most people have heard of my “System
Optimizer X” and various products of mine have been featured in
numerous publications… Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Best to you
and your work.


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