Morgan Davis


No Place Like Home

It’s one day before the Fourth of July, and there’s no place like home. It takes traveling to a foreign country to make you appreciate all the blessings we have here in the United States. You don’t need to trek through Europe for the proper effect. I get the same reminder after a Saturday building houses in Tijuana for those less fortunate. Crossing the border back to San Diego or landing at Lindbergh Field … that’s all it takes.

To the US isolationists and America-bashers alike: go out and see the world. It’s not all bad and you’ll realize how great we have it here.

For the record, we spent almost three weeks in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Paris, Normandy, and London (in that order). Not once were we subjected to any anti-American attitudes. In fact, some of the friendliest and most helpful people we encountered were in (surprise) France! When the stupid American tourists — that would be us — couldn’t figure out how to open the train door and missed the stop at Bayeux, two helpful Frenchmen onboard politely offered assistance.

Because the US gets plenty of bashing, mostly from Americans it seems, my family decided that one day of celebrating our freedom and independence is not enough. We’re warming up with a picnic on July 3 with friends and family. And the Fourth will be different this year.

Amid our patriotic colors and traditions, we hold in our hearts and minds the solemn reminder of the sacrifices Americans made at places like Utah Beach, where we stood only weeks ago. Americans volunteer to fight not only for their country but for those deprived of the liberties we take for granted. And we know there are kind people in other countries who still appreciate what Americans have done in the name of freedom even if we ourselves tend to forget. One day to remember isn’t enough.