Morgan Davis


Yes, I’m still here. This year has been incredibly busy for me — which is good! I barely have time to do monthly customer newsletters let alone my personal web site. For the latest news, see my DTL Networx Service Updates.


XHTML and Printers

XHTML is really nice. Going forward, I’m doing all my new stuff with it and updating all my old stuff as time permits.

After getting fed up with network printing problems with HP printers, I wrote down the solution so I wouldn’t forget.

I’m honored to receive an invitation to be a guest celebrity for a Real Time Chat at A2Central, a cool hangout for Apple II fans past and present. Date: March 27 at 7PM PST. To get access, you need to subscribe.

More letters!

Large amounts of my work are “under the hood” and rarely seen. That’s why I enjoy working on projects that have great graphics, like the web site I produced for Scott Rasmussen. We teamed up to launch Ras Graphics. It’s clean, simple, and efficient, as all web site’s should be. Read more about it in my DTL March Update.


Berlin Says I Rock

According to Berlin officials, I rock.

Berlin, the ’80s new wave group, is best known for The Metro, No More Words, and Take My Breath Away, the hit theme from Top Gun. In response to promotions on Apple’s QuickTime site and VH1’s “Bands Reunited” series, Berlin’s webmaster, Scott O’Connell, asked me to develop a web database solution for getting the band’s concert schedule and huge fan mailing list under control. The Berlin web site now integrates custom PHP scripting and MySQL database services.

Must have been many hard drives given as Christmas gifts last month, as my Dual OS Boot pages for FreeBSD and Linux have garnered a lot of email in the last week. Ah! There’s nothing quite like a fresh Unix installation to start the year right!

Speaking of the new year, this month marks my first year of professional freedom after surviving the depressing post-acquisition world of telecom corporate (mis)management. Having witnessed the decimation of almost ten years of great work at the hands of others, it is wonderful to be innovating and rebuilding once again.

My new company, DTL Networx, started about mid-2003 with the same no-fuss, no-fanfare introduction as did CTS Network Services ten years ago and is off to a great start.

A special “aloha” goes out to my cousin David Russell, sound engineer extraordinaire for Steely Dan who recently released their latest work, Everything Must Go. Here’s Dave collecting a Grammy (left) for their previous CD, Two Against Nature which won Album of the Year and several other Grammy awards in 2000. Sounds great, Dave!


Need servicing?

Welcome friends, family, and clients! My Internet business process consulting services are now officially in high gear. The brief hiatus after Allegiance Telecom was healthful, energizing and inspiring. I’m extremely excited about getting back to what I do best. There’s much to do, clients are starting to queue up, and I’ve not had this much fun building and creating since the early days at CTSnet! If you’re not yet a client, please check out my services to learn more about how I can help your business succeed.


CTS, ALGX, and Moon

It’s May already! So much going on. The CTSnet museum is on stand-by for now (no time to play). 5/14–Allegiance filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 5/15–I caught tonight’s total eclipse of the moon in my astronomy section.


Hello, world!

Morgan Davis, 2002

After a decade of building and managing a successful ISP, it is time for new ventures. I created this site for prospective business partners and companies in need of my services. If you are serious about exploring new opportunities with me, or want to benefit from my expertise, let’s make contact.