Morgan Davis


Description: Neat, low-cost installation of your current garage door opener as a permanently powered control in your BMW. Electrical and soldering experience required.


What you need:

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Getting Started: Follow steps 1, 2 and 8 first on this page to remove the headliner cover near the interior lamp, then find the wiring for the BMW Universal Transmitter which you need for only for power. Remove the trim piece for the hands-free microphone. Caution: may not work if you have a hands-free mic.
Study your remote: Open the remote and identify its battery terminals and contact switch. Find the right leads that activate the switch using either a test clip or by shorting with a screwdriver. Caution: the opener will activate if the battery is installed.

Wiring for power: Connect the 3-pin male molex to the battery terminals, as shown. Check the molex fitting with the vehicle’s connector so you get the power wiring straight. The 3-pin female connector in the vehicle has a brown (ground) wire on one side and a green (+12V) wire on the other.

Wiring the switch: Connect the 2-pin male molex to the contact points on the remote’s switch (e.g., see the two wires poking through a hole in the PC board). Solder the 2-pin female connector to a pair of wires, then solder the other ends to the new pushbutton switch.

Install switch: Carefully drill and mount the pushbutton switch into the forward portion of the hands-free trim piece. You may need to nibble away at the plastic on the back side before drilling. Drill only a little at a time, and test until the switch fits flush and snug by itself, as the plastic retaining nut on the Radio Shack switch will not meet the threads. (Bond with silicone sealant if you drilled too much).

Test your work: Connect the switch to the remote. Connect the 3-pin male power connector to the vehicle wiring. Insert key into the ignition and turn to position 2. Press the pushbutton switch to verify correct operation.

Install remote: Disconnect the trim-piece/pushbutton switch from the remote and insert it back into the cover. Reconnect it to the remote. Wrap the remote in a thin blanket of non-conducting foam or otherwise dress as needed to avoid rattling.

Make final connections: Connect the remote to the vehicle power and reconnect any other wiring (e.g., sunroof).

Install cover: Carefully reinstall the cover. Test again for proper operation.

You are done! Enjoy your neat alternative to the costly BMW Universal Transmitter!

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