Morgan Davis


Check out this rockin’ video by award-winning blues musician and my good friend, Morgan Davis.   (We are related only by the sheer coolness of our names).  His song, titled “Waffle House Blues” from his Painkiller CD, is as coincidental as our shared monikers.

John's Waffle Shop -- Good to the last bite

Ironically, for twenty years, my dad (Morgan “Bud” Davis) owned a world-famous waffle shop in prestigious La Jolla, California.  John’s Waffle Shop had a long and rich history as told in this San Diego Union Tribune article.

It was a landmark for 50 years before it became an endangered anachronism in the hoity-toity, ritz and glitz of downtown La Jolla. Due to prohibitive increases in rent, Dad had to close it.

I miss those crispy, golden brown waffles, hot coffee, and the character of a place that defied time itself for half a century. That’s something to sing the blues over, for sure. Just as Morgan laments in his song, those who loved eating there “don’t feel so nice” about its demise either.

Find out more about Morgan Davis and his awesome blues music at  Peace, Morgan! 🙂

What can we learn about (in)effective creative design from a rock video and a movie?  Are you big enough to handle the truth?

This video illustrates how to make a difficult process a fun thing to do. What can we learn from this about web design?  We are so absorbed with form and function but have forgotten a critical third element.  If fun can increase traffic 66%, perhaps development dollars are well spent on making mundane tasks less dreary.

Hilariously brilliant video that precisely nails real issues designers and developers face with clients all the time.  If this makes no sense to you, you’re not one of us.