Morgan Davis

Saw these off Coronado while kayaking into San Diego Bay. It’s a rare dark purple jelly fish called the black sea nettle (Chrysaora Achlyos).  This species can grow up to 3 feet across with 30-foot-long, stinging tentacles.

The Black Sea Nettle (Chrysaora achlyos)



I’m a programmer, business web techie, author of several computer books and creator of ProLine, one the first applications to connect Apple II personal computers to the Internet in 1984.

Along with an amazing team of people, I helped build and operate CTSnet, the first Internet provider to introduce high-speed broadband to the San Diego market. CTSnet’s success lead to its acquisition in 2000 for $33 million and became

In 2003, I created DTL, a San Diego-based web design and hosting agency.

I live 25 minutes from downtown San Diego in its east county mountains on the edge of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge.

Things I enjoy: my dogs, coding, swimming, cooking, racquetball, landscaping and gardening, playing the drums, kayaking, biking, golf, hiking, travel, VR gaming and fitness, astronomy, reading, and photography.

Truth be told, I host this blog just to stay current with WordPress as many of my customers like it. I prefer to build my sites from scratch.