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One of my favorite web projects, because it has everything in it. Custom CMS, multi-lingual, automated integration with Jerome’s back-end inventory systems, streaming video, e-commerce, anti-fraud protection, product image zoom tool, social networking integration, highly search-engine optimized, blog, automatic XML sitemap generation, store location finder integrated with Google Maps, etc.  Basically, the works. Even better, the company is a family-run venture and all the Navarra’s are an absolute delight to work with.

Sperry West has added video to their web site. It’s so easy to do now and can give your company the ability to promote products in infomercial-style fashion without the high cost of broadcast TV ads.

Mini sites are perfect for promoting products that deserve special exposure. They have many advantages over a product page tucked away in your ecom store.  They can break out of the limits of the e-store software, provide customized user experiences, and are better search-engine magnets that drive traffic into your site. The mini site deftly links into your e-commerce system when the customer is ready to buy.  Click the image below for an example.

The Roller Mouse Pro 2 mini site


Artizara Neutral

HTML email design for Artizara. See the complete email newsletter for this promotion.

What can we learn about (in)effective creative design from a rock video and a movie?  Are you big enough to handle the truth?


Kind of Blue

3i Interpreting‘s lighter blue remake. Applause for clients who realize you can do relatively easy makeovers and give your site a fresh, new look without a huge investment required. Here is their Think Pink theme in support of cancer research which debuted earlier this month.   That gives you something to say wow about.

3i Interpreting

HTML email design for Artizara. See the complete email newsletter for this promotion.



Fresh Fall Style

HTML email design for Artizara. See the complete email newsletter for this promotion.

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