Morgan Davis


One of the great things about cell phones these days is that you always have a camera with you.  The trouble is, they do a poor job of photos in low-light conditions.  They turn out lifeless, dark, grainy, and basically dreadful. And this shot in a bar was no exception. It was one of those photos you take and then realize how grateful there is a trash can icon right there to mash, expunging it from its pathetic existence. But every now and then, with the help of software like Photoshop, you can infuse life into the lifeless. This shot turned out to be a perfect example of pixel recycling.  For some reason, I love the amorphous people, the glow of the cash register monitor on the face of the bartender, the curling edges on the cocktail napkin under the wine glass, and the warm glow over the rack of glasses. That’s how the bar truly felt, even if the shutter (well, sensor-on-a-chip) couldn’t quite get it right. Hooray for embellishment.

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