Morgan Davis

Technical Researcher and Writer

Technical Researcher and Writer

I joined CompuSoft Publishing as a technical researcher and writer directly out of high school — my official entry into a career in computers. It was a tremendous experience that gave me exposure to many different types of personal computers: TRS-80 series, Timex Sinclair, Kaypro, Osborne, Apple II, Macintosh, IBM PC, and all their operating systems, including XENIX.

CompuSoft’s prime focus was adapting a successful manuscript on learning BASIC programming for various computers. The original BASIC book was written by Dr. David A. Lien, a microcomputer industry pioneer and best-selling technical author. Lien’s friendly style makes learning BASIC fast and fun. Several books are illustrated with hilarious cartoons by renowned aviation cartoonist, Bob Stevens.

Along the way, I introduced online BBS pal, Dan Gookin, to CompuSoft. That initiated his extremely successful career in writing, and our subsequent Apple IIGS book collaborations.

In addition to working with a great group of people, the most valuable aspect was understanding and appreciating the superbly unique, non-threatening writing style of Dr. Lien. Below are just some of the CompuSoft titles I had the privilege to work on.

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