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RADE is the Real-time Applesoft Debugging Environment, allowing you to explore the guts of a BASIC program, its variables, program flow, and other runtime characteristics without disturbing the program’s memory or screen display. Without RADE, debugging Applesoft BASIC was intensely frustrating and time consuming. With RADE and its powerful features, like stepping, tracing, and breakpoints, debugging is quick and painless. A relatively proficient programmer, I had to pull out the RADE and exterminate several elusive bugs more than once. The stuff really worked, and it worked well and earned great reviews.

InCider/A+ magazine wrote, “RADE is fast, powerful, full-featured, and easy to use. It’s a breath of fresh air . . . a throwback to the days of tight, efficient programming.”

RADE was a collaborative effort with Russell Gibson. Russ and I conceived and developed RADE during the summer of 1992 with Russ doing the programming, and I did the rest. We split the gross revenue fifty-fifty. Daily electronic mail (via the ProLine network, of course) kept the project rolling. Russ and I met for the first time, face to face, only after RADE and the manual were completed.

RADE was the last Apple II product MDG introduced.

RADE-1.0.img 800K ProDOS disk

RADE-1.0.pdf 450K Acrobat file, 48 pages

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