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Just out of high school, with the personal computer revolution approaching a seductive velocity, I was writing computer books and developing software products for Apple computers. My interest was data communications, leading me to create ProLine, the first software to link the humble Apple II to Internet email and newsgroups (about 10 years ahead of schedule). Web pages and Usenet archives chronicle my involvement. With a decade of Apple II and Macintosh experience, I was ready to take it to Silicon Valley.

Apple, however, was abandoning the Apple II while struggling to evangelize the Mac in a PC-centric world. For my family’s sake, I decided not to pursue a career in Cupertino. I filed my geek résumé and focused on something greater. It was the result of all the right disciplines and timing.

résumé 1.0 — sent to Apple Computer, Inc. in 1991

OBJECTIVE System Software Engineer, Apple II Business Unit
Apple Computer, Inc.
QUALIFICATIONS 10 years of experience programming Apple II series computers
Fluent in Assembler (6502, 65816, and 68000), C, Pascal, and BASIC languages
Versed in Apple II, Macintosh, and UNIX operating systems and toolboxes
Productive in MPW, APW, ORCA, and THINK C development environments
Author of two Apple IIGS programming books
Currently produces commercial-grade software and documentation
1987 – 1991 Morgan Davis Group
Owner, commercial software development company
1988 – 1991 NeTel, Inc.
Consultant/programmer, Apple II communications, LAN, and utility software
1989 – 1990 Beagle Bros, Inc.
Programmer, Macintosh productivity software
1987 – 1989 United Software Industries, Inc.
Programmer, Apple II telecommunications software
1987 – 1988 Compute! Publications, Inc.
Co-author, Apple IIGS toolbox programming manuals
1986 – 1987 Oasis Systems / FTL Games, Inc.
Programmer, Apple II productivity software
1985 – 1986 Optimum Management Systems, Inc.
Programmer, vertical market software for McDonald’s Corporation
1983 – 1987 CompuSoft Publishing, Inc.
Researcher/writer, BASIC programming book series
1987 Neural Network Training
Hecht-Nielson Corporation
1982 – 1986 Computer Science, Data Communications and Business Studies
San Diego State University
Grossmont College
Cuyamaca College
1979 – 1982 Lutheran High School, San Diego
Created first comprehensive application to link Apple II computers over the Internet
Manages Internet-connected network of 200 Apple II systems
Leader, Apple II forum on the BYTE Information Exchange (BIX)
Published articles in A+ Magazine and 8/16 Magazine
Wrote two programming books for the Apple IIGS Toolbox
TextDraw C & 65816 Assembler — Text version of QuickDraw, Menu, Dialog, Event, and other managers, presenting a text-based desktop interface for applications while emulating the Apple IIGS toolbox at the source code level. (Continuing development)
SunDesk Strip Macintosh C — Support utility for a popular INIT. Scans through the Desktop file matching its icons with those found in a database, then builds a resource file containing only those icons. (Commercial)
MD-BASIC C & 65816 Assembler — A C-like Applesoft preprocessor/compiler and BASIC development system. (Commercial; over 300 sold)
Object Module Manager 6502 Assembler — An object-oriented solution for 8-bit applications and drivers, offering a system of dynamically relocatable code modules complete with intermodule communication and memory management. (Commercial)
Dialog Macintosh C — Communications module for an integrated productivity package. (This may debut at MACWORLD in a new product by Beagle Bros, Inc.)
ProLine 6502 Assembler & MD-BASIC — Fully Internet-compatible, RFC-822 compliant, networked BBS, including UNIX-like shell with over 120 tools. Developed a multiuser educational version for Corvus, DigiCard, and Velan local area networks. (Commercial; over 400 sold, over 200 currently networked world-wide)
ModemWorks 6502 & 65816 Assembler — Communications toolbox for Applesoft. Involves interrupt handling, I/O control, terminal emulation, file transfer protocols, and hardware drivers for serial ports, internal and external modems, printers, and clocks. (Commercial; over 500 sold).
MouseTalk 65C02 Assembler — Terminal program with a MouseText desktop interface. Responsible for user interface, file transfer protocols, designing a 4K XMODEM extension, and much code optimization. (Commercial, United Software Industries; thousands sold)
MiniScreen Macintosh C — An INIT/cdev that shrinks the visible desktop on large monitors to that of a standard 9″ Mac screen for real-time development usage. (Public Domain)
Mail Reader Macintosh HyperCard — Fully RFC-822 compliant e-mail management and composition stack for Mac GNUUCP. Includes custom XFCNs written in THINK C. (Public Domain)
VirusMD BASIC & C — Virus detection and eradication utility. (Public Domain)

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