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1983: the personal computer era
Just out of high school, with the personal computer revolution approaching a seductive velocity, I was writing computer books and developing software products for Apple computers. My interest was data communications, leading me to create ProLine, the first software to link the humble Apple II to Internet email and newsgroups (about 10 years ahead of schedule). Web pages and Usenet archives chronicle my involvement. With a decade of Apple II and Macintosh experience, I was ready to take it to Silicon Valley.

   résumé 1.0 -- sent to Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple, however, was abandoning the Apple II while struggling to evangelize the Mac in a PC-centric world. For my family's sake, I decided not to pursue a career in Cupertino. I filed my geek résumé and focused on something greater. It was the result of all the right disciplines and timing.

1993: the internet era
Sparks of a commercial Internet were igniting a new revolution. With Bill Blue, a respected BBS and Apple II pioneer in his own right, we collaborated to build an Internet company, CTSnet, a division of Datel Systems. It was an immediate success and enjoyed boundless growth providing high-quality, technically astute service unmatched in our market. Seven years later, CTSnet was sold for $33 million to Dallas-based Allegiance Telecom. At its peak, CTSnet had a state-of-the-art data center and 100 employees supporting over 30,000 customers throughout Southern California.

   résumé 2.0 -- allegiance to a vision

In addition to participating in the Internet's maturation, the last ten years let me experience the entire lifecycle of a unique company -- from frenetic startup to acquisition and integration by a national telecom. What a ride.

2003: and the next 10 years
With history and experience as a guide, it is time to architect a new era. The right mix of vision, planning, talent, and leadership will reward the courageous by capitalizing on what has not been fully realized due to our short-circuited economy. Your thoughts on the future?