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Mt. Woodson summit, Poway, CA. See hiking activity details via RunKeeper.

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Apple Crates

Julian, California

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100 x 100

Driving the temperature while blazing through the appropriately named Thermal, CA at 9PM.

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Remembering and celebrating Steve Jobs and my longtime affinity with Apple which profoundly influenced the course my life when I was a young man. (Photo taken with iPhone, of course.)

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The Jerome’s Furniture website is of my favorite projects, because it has everything in it. Custom CMS, multi-lingual, automated integration with Jerome’s back-end inventory systems, streaming video, e-commerce via payment gateway integration, anti-fraud protection, product image zoom tool, social media integration, highly search-engine optimized (SEO-friendly), blog, automatic XML sitemap generation, store location finder integrated with Google Maps, Google Analytics, heatmap metrics, etc.  Basically, the works. The recent makeover is showcased in an HTML5 site using CSS3 effects in modern browsers (with fallback support in less-capable browsers). The performance is further enhanced with a custom server-side page caching mechanism.

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G-minus on the Plus

I joined Google+ this past week — the new social media mashup of something like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike Google’s earlier social media attempts, such as Buzz, Google+ is the real deal and gives Facebook something to ponder as it potentially slips into the MySpace zone.

But, aside from Google+’s features and functions which are compelling even as it is still in beta, I think the whole “plus” idea as a branding element is ill-conceived. It presents too many marketing challenges considering how social media memes are often integrated into the lives and conversations of users. Google needs a new social dialect with terminology that easily sets them apart.

The minuses on the plus:

On the plus side, I give Google+ an A for taking away Facebook market share. But the ‘+’ adds up to a big G-minus for marketing.

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Food Photography

This was taken with an iPhone 3GS.  Really.

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Bigger, bolder, more colorful. HTML5 and CSS3 beauty. Custom web fonts. Visual effects. Server-side caching and JavaScript optimization for greater performance. This makeover for Sperry West, a leader in video surveillance, took their previous state-of-the-art web site (half a decade ago when browsers were weaker, screens were smaller, and the iPad was only a vision in the mind of Steve Jobs) and brought it up to current standards.



Plus, since it gracefully employees newer effects in modern browsers in a way that works with older browsers, the site will only continue to look better as visitors upgrade to better browsers (notably, anything other than Internet Explorer).

I love working with clients who trust you to run with your ideas and create. The results are always better.

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